A noble family with a seafaring past, a passion for handcrafted products and an innate sense of beauty.
These are the qualities that came together in 1980 to create Studio Promozionali, a company specialised in crafting leather and other fine materials into glasses cases and components.

In just a couple of years, Guido Cafiero, assisted by his wife Ester Baldi and son Aldo, built up a business that filled an important void in the luxury brand industry.
At long last, luxury accessories had found creative, high quality packaging that combined research, design, technique and style in its own original manner.


When the time came for Aldo Cafiero to take over the business, he immediately showed what he was made of: he innovated, improved and restructured the company.
He set up Cafiero srl, an international firm whose exclusivity, creativity and sophistication earned it a reputation for fine Italian craftsmanship in no time at all: its exclusive patents and product design gave it global recognition.


Salce 197 is synonymous with fine materials, original design, innovative production techniques and an environmentally-friendly philosophy.
It is everything a contemporary bag designed for women and their extraordinary lives should be.
Its strengths? The skill of its artisans, its knowledge of raw materials, its research and attention to detail.


Sourcing and selecting top-quality raw materials.
Production techniques and processing methods which respect the environment and workers’ health.
Styles and shapes that reflect the spirit of our times.

Salce 197 is a combination of history, culture, art and the Italian manufacturing tradition: a heritage that makes the difference.


The Salce 197 philosophy is simple: to produce genuine handmade products, unique and original everyday objects that are all individually crafted.
“Doing a good job” means knowing your craft and your materials intimately, while expressing your creative freedom, passion and perfectionism. Every single stage in the Salce 197 production process focuses on attention to detail, from the moment the leather is cut to when the bag is put together at the end.